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Speer Air Conditioning can install condesing boilers from Navien for water heating, or combination heating and water heating.  These units are super high efficiency with an industry leading AFUE of 95%.

Navien Boiler Dealer Union County NJ   The global leader in energy efficient technology KD Navien was an early leader in developing condensing technology for boilers and water heaters. Condensing technology maximizes energy by using unused heat emitted from flue gases. As a result, energy consumption and greenhouse gases are significantly reduced. Emission temperatures are much lower too.

When it comes to water heater performance, it’s all about output. The NPE-S condensing tankless water heaters are so efficient that they outperform much larger capacity non-condensing competitors. More output for the money, lower installation costs and lower operating costs for customers makes it a smart choice.

Navien was first to offer dual stainless steel heat exchangers, rather than copper, which extends the life of the unit by resisting corrosion. Energy Star highest rated gas water heater The NPE is the most energy efficient* tankless water heater series in the industry. Ultra condensing technology delivers cooled exhaust gas and high performance up to 0.97UEF/0.99EF. *DOE Energy Star Directory.

Union County NJ Expert in Navien Condensing BoilersCondensing Boilers can be used for tankless water heating and for combination water heating and heating, for both residential and commercial applications.  Call Speer Air today and we can help you determine if it is the right choce for you.

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