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Every week, 3.5 million people experience a power loss. A power loss interrupts your home, interrupts your work, it interrupts your life. More and more often, it is becoming a reality for home and business owners. The need for an automatic home generator has never been greater.

You're Covered While Home or Away

Installing an automatic home generator can put you and your family at ease. The unit is permanently installed outside of the home just like your air conditioner. When you lose power, the generator will automatically start itself and provides power back to your home within 30 seconds. When the utility is restored, the generator automatically shuts down and waits for the next outage. Because these units are automatic, we have you covered whether you are home or away. The unit gets its fuel directly from your natural gas line or liquid propane tank. There is no need to handle gasoline or run a maze of extension cords.

Benefits of an Automatic Home Generator

There are several benefits to an automatic home generator: Preparedness, peace of mind and protection to name a few.
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The Safer, More Reliable Option

Indeed, portable generators are a less expensive option. However, we know that an Automatic Home Generator will provide you better service and make you safer. Consider the advantages of an automatic over a portable.
  • Convenience: No need to go out in potential danger to set up the unit, make sure it has fuel, or run extension cords.
  • Energy Efficient: Operating on natural gas or LP provides a cleaner burning and less expensive fuel than unleaded gasoline.
  • More Power: Portables can provide power to a few select conveniences; it can provide electricity to the whole home.
  • Safety: When properly installed, the automatic home generator is safer to the home owner from carbon monoxide emissions and safer to the utility company employees from electrical back feed to the power lines.
  • Built to Last: Units are built in steel or aluminum cabinets for longer life.
Speer Air offers Generac and Honeywell generators. Call us today at 800-547-2580 to learn more about your options.

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